Innovation and Intellectual Property:

Firm Strategies and Policy Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World

Hangzhou, China

May 25-26, 2024

Global competition is increasingly characterized by competition for technological leadership. Meanwhile, given the increasingly prominent roles of intellectual properties (IPs), technology standards, and business platforms, the boundary between firm competitiveness and institutional infrastructure is blurring. As manifested in the recent developments around the semiconductor chips and electric vehicles, states have come to the forefront of market competition in a wide range of industries. Thus, the coordination and conflicts among public and private entities across countries will determine the future trajectories of the global markets.

It is in this context that we call for participation in this conference. Among other topics, we would like to engage in in-depth, cross-disciplinary discussion on the following:

·       Finding facts: What are the realities on the ground and what are the important trends that may shed light on the future? Many public discussions so far are based on entrenched opinions and stereotypical views. We are providing a public good if we can simply identify the facts and establish robust explanations for the facts.

·       Understanding complexities: Is strong IP protection always good? Is knowledge outflow always bad? To what extent do our understandings of IP, derived mostly from domestic settings, still hold in the highly dynamic context of global competition? What is the right level of indigenous R&D given all the interdependence—and the vulnerability thereof—in the global economy?

·       Developing toolboxes: Besides filing for patents, what are the tools businesses can use to navigate the risky R&D processes, both within and across countries? Besides strengthening the IP courts, what are the tools that policy makers can use to motivate innovation while reducing systematic risk? Will big data and AI help firms see us to see the competitive landscape more clearly?

This conference will be divided into two parts:

·       On May 25, we will engage in intensive academic discussions, taking stock of what we know and brainstorming on what academia can do to facilitate our understanding of global innovation and IP. Scholars interested in presenting at the conference should send an extended research proposal (7-10 pages) or working paper to Minyuan Zhao (minyuan@wustl.edu) no later than March 31. Decisions on paper acceptance will be sent out before April 10.

¡  For papers selected for presentation, we will provide (1) quality discussion during the conference and (2) up to three nights of accommodation for the presenting author.

¡  Confirmed speakers include Kenneth Huang (NUS), Catherine Magelssen (LBS), Tony Tong (UC-Boulder), Yanbo Wang (HKU), Bernard Yeung (NUS), Shaker Zahra (UMN), and Yanfeng Zheng (HKUST).

·       On May 26, we will open the floor to scholars, business executives, IP lawyers, and policy makers, featuring keynote speeches and round-table discussions. We will also have industry-specific themes (e.g., healthcare, autonomous vehicles) for more in-depth discussion. This is an opportunity for practitioners to learn about new research and for researchers to receive a reality check on their work.

¡  Senior executives from six multinational companies and senior officials from the legal and administrative branches have confirmed their participation.

The number of participants is expected to be around 100 for each day. Registration will be open in mid-March.

This conference is co-sponsored by the Olin Business School and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy at Washington University in St. Louis, the National Institute for Innovation Management and Institute for Intellectual Property Management at Zhejiang University, and Guanghua School of Management at Peking University.


Important Dates

Ful Paper or Research Proosal Submission
March 1-31, 2024
Paper Acceptance Notice
April 10, 2024
DDL for Registration
May 21, 2024
Conference Date
May 25-26, 2024

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